Meusebach–Comanche Treaty Sculpture in Fredericksburg, Texas

31 Dec 2016
Posted on Saturday, December 31 2016 By Anthony Whitt | 0 Comments

During the early years of Texas settlement the Meusebach-Comanche Treaty was made with the Penateka Comanche. This statue in Fredericksburg portrays the making of the 1847 agreement that made it possible for the German immigrants to peacefully coexist on lands claimed by the Comanche. One of the chiefs present went by the name of Buffalo Hump and was described as being: "The pure unadulterated picture of a North American Indian, who, unlike the rest of his tribe, scorned every form of European dress. His body naked, a buffalo robe around his loins, brass rings on his arms, a string of beads around his neck, and with long, coarse hair hanging down, he sat there with the serious facial expression of the North American Indian which seems to be apathetic to the European." 

Readers of the "Hard Land to Rule Trilogy" will recognize the name of Buffalo Hump as one of the main Comanche characters in the tale. I used names that spoke to me when developing the story and I found it unusual that Buffalo Hump was a fierce and well known Comanche warrior that I was blissfully ignorant of when I chose his name for my character. Judging by the above description it seems that I was fortunate enough to nail down the personality and appearance of this fearsome warrior.