About Me

Anthony Whitt lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Cathy where they raised two children. He is a native Austinite that has spent a lifetime studying the rich historical heritage of the American West. He has traveled extensively in the Rocky Mountains with frequent visits to sites of historic interest and tragic conflict. The scene of Custer's final stand has drawn him back to wander the enigmatic battlefield on numerous trips. Closer to Austin, he spends much of his time searching out and exploring sites from this fascinating era that defines who we are today.

An avid reader, he has always been a student learning from history and the interplay of dynamic personalities that shaped our diverse heritage. His writing style seeks to portray the inherent drama of difficult times with an authentic storytelling depiction. Characters speak with a voice meant to convey an understanding of human nature as men and women struggle in their efforts to survive in a demanding environment. His goal is to weave a convincing narrative of unforgettable characters that come alive in the reader's imagination and leave them regretting having reached the end of the trail.

When unshackled from the keyboard, Anthony enjoys the outdoor activities that abound in the wild lands of Texas. Hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting have been a lifetime passion he pursues whenever possible. He also spends his time engaged in photography whether he is out beating the trails in the Rocky Mountains or closer to home in the Hill Country of Central Texas.