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Echoes Of The Past

“The past can haunt a man and if he’s not careful it can kill him too.”

* * * * *

Dana’s drifting, unsure of her next move. Luke’s floundering, plagued by torturous memories. She’s from the concrete canyons of New York City. He’s from the rock-strewn hills of the Texas Hill Country. They make an unlikely pair. Will it bring them heartache or answers? Or will it bring death from a turbulent past that is haunting him?

Hard Land to Rule (First in the Trilogy)

The post Civil War conditions on the Texas frontier are a time of intense conflict. Free roaming Comanche clash with the encroachment of settlers in vicious raids against the poorly defended frontiersmen. Children are often carried off to be traded on the high plains or introduced into the ways of the tribe. During these violent times, the powerful men of Austin seek to take advantage of the citizens they consider below them in social status.

Red, white, rich, or poor, they all desire the same goals. Power, control, and the independence that comes from winning hard fought battles in the hills or from manipulating laws to separate settlers from their property. Join a rich cast of determined Texas Rangers in pursuit of fierce Comanche warriors and rugged frontiersmen defying well moneyed business interests out to steal their land. The never-ending stress of a hard frontier life intertwines desperate neighbors in lustful thoughts of a passionate escape. These life and death struggles sweep up innocent families in turmoil threatening to tear away the fabric holding them together.

Written in an authentic voice guaranteed to transport you back to a historic time full of peril and leave you wanting more.

Cold Hard Ride (Second in the Trilogy)

Austin is no longer friendly. Politicians and unscrupulous businessmen from the North have the frontier town squeezed in a grip milking the citizens for all they're worth. Greed and corruption rule the day. Beat into submission, honest men are hard to find.

A rugged frontiersman from the hill country rides headlong into this caldron of betrayal and greed. Overwhelmed by treachery running rampant in the streets, he must battle the odds to right things for the sake of his friends and the survival of his family. With a narcissistic serial murderer stalking him and an enticing widow trying to seduce him, it won't be an easy task.

All the while, his loved ones back home are without his protection and in danger from raiding Comanche. Not sure where to turn, he must find it in himself to overcome the threats that shadow him in the hellhole called Austin.

Into The Hard Hills

New characters. New twists. Fast paced and heart wrenching. It's a ride you don't want to miss. Into the Hard Hills transports you to another era where you'll be left questioning your notion of right and wrong.