Bull Creek Battles Outside Austin, Texas

23 Mar 2015
Posted on Monday, March 23 2015 By Anthony Whitt | 0 Comments

Somewhere in the hills outside Austin, Texas several battles were fought that pitted Union loyalist from Travis County against the Confederates. This is Bull Creek and it was the area where the loyalist hid out and made their stand. Unfortunately, no historical markers locate the sites of these conflicts, but it is interesting to realize Travis County voted to stay in the Union and some of the citizens felt strong enough about their convictions to take up arms against the Confederate government. These men were hardened from their efforts to scrounge out a living in the rugged hills west of Austin and did not take kindly to the efforts put forth by the Confederates to enlist them in the CSA cavalry. Several battles occurred with loss of life on each side. The Hill Country loyalist went by the name of "Mountain Eagles" until the on-going conflicts came to an end after a battle on top of a peak known as Dead Man's Peak. Depending on the source quoted, anywhere from a few to twenty men died in this last encounter. After the battle some of the loyalist rode to Mexico and joined forces with the Union in New Orleans. At this time I am unsure of the exact locations of these sites, but hope to uncover more information and will post what I find if I'm lucky enough to stumble on definitive descriptions.