Spirits at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

14 Jan 2014
Posted on Tuesday, January 14 2014 By Anthony Whitt | 0 Comments

The backside of Enchanted Rock is where I have heard the rock “talk” several times. Th
e groans of the rock cooling after a hot day would require witnessing the phenomena in person in order to believe such an unusual noise is a natural occurrence. Words cannot possibly capture the eeriness floating through the dark woods when the rock is in the mood to perform. It is no wonder that the Indians considered the granite dome to be possessed with disgruntled spirits.

I have only heard the groaning twice in over forty years of regular trips to the area, but when the rock decides to perform, hold onto your seat. The sound is unlike anything you can imagine. Until you hear it, it is impossible to understand. And when you hear it, you may not believe your ears.

I first heard the rock speak on a backpacking trip to the Walnut Springs camping area at the backside of the main rock. It was a warm fall day that saw rapid cooling in the dry air as soon as the sun dropped below the horizon. I was alone in the woods and safely secured in my tent when the first murmur wafted through the trees. Startled, I didn’t believe my ears. The book I had been reading was ditched. Facing the tent door, I was motionless. What I just heard was impossible. Eerie. I waited in awe.

The rock did not disappoint. A truly wicked moaning commenced with no let-up. It came from everywhere at once. It rose and fell without a pattern. Several groans emanated at the same time. The grating noise appeared to come from different portions of the boulders piled on the flanks of the granite domes. I could not tell where the clamor originated from. It was everywhere at once. I scrambled out of the tent and approached the most likely spot of the raspy sound. It was no use. Before I could determine the location, it stopped. It was over in perhaps ten to fifteen minutes. I still get goose bumps thinking about the strangeness of the event.

In my experience, the best time to witness the moaning of Enchanted Rock is in the evening when the conditions allow rapid cooling of the granite boulders. The contraction of the irregular shaped boulders produces friction that creates the haunting noise. At least that is the scientific explanation. Once the sound is experienced there may be doubt in your mind about the true cause of the hair raising phenomenon.