Indian Battle at Packsaddle Mountain

16 Aug 2015
Posted on Sunday, August 16 2015 By Anthony Whitt | 0 Comments

The summer hayfields have been harvested below Packsaddle Mountain in Llano County, Texas. The formation is large and continues to the left of the photo where the twin-peaked silhouette is separated by a saddle that gives the formation its distinctive shape and name. It is on this remote mountain that the last Indian battle in the region occurred in early August of 1873. Captain James R Moss led two of his brothers in a party that numbered eight Texans against a band of twenty or so Indians alleged to be Apache. A fierce battle ensued when the men discovered the raiders camped at the top of the prominent landmark. The Indians recovered from their initial shock and mounted a vigorous defense that ended with the death of one of their leaders when he took it upon himself to attack the Texans alone. The final results of the conflict left three Indians dead and four Texans wounded. There is a historical marker two and one-half miles west of the location at the side of U.S. Highway 71 about ten miles southeast of Llano.