Balcones Canyonlands, Doeskin Ranch Unit

18 Mar 2014
Posted on Tuesday, March 18 2014 By Anthony Whitt | 0 Comments

Doeskin Ranch Public Use Area

The Doeskin Ranch Unit of the Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Management Area has more than five miles of hiking trails open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Several trails start from the parking lot and wander the lower elevations of the rugged unit. These paths allow for easy exploration of the clear running creek that dissects the property and the pond located near the parking area. The most challenging hike is the 2.2-mile Rimrock Trail that switchbacks up the steep hill to the top of a plateau where the views are rewarding. At the top, the Indiangrass Trail branches off for a trip to the remote corners of the unit where broad meadows of grass dominate the rolling hills. Doeskin Ranch was designated as a National Recreation Trail in June 2005.

The unit can be closed at times for various reasons. Be sure to call ahead before making a long drive.